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Two-Way Cycle Track on Jefferson Blvd. Viaduct – Information

The Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct two-way cycle track is open. Use this link to look at how the City has planned for you to enter and exit this facility by following the traffic controls now in place (e.g. regulatory guidance signs, STOP signs, STOP bars). Note:  Oak Cliff to Downtown traffic: At end of cycle track just south of Market St. and Young St., follow signs on the sidewalk to Young St. and Record St. Bicycle use on sidewalks will not be permitted beyond that point in the Downtown area. Please follow all traffic laws when sharing the roadway and in Downtown bike lanes. Helmet use is mandatory on all public ways in Dallas.

Thanks, be safe, and use as much as possible!


Bicycle Ride to Dallas Green Festival, September 24th

On Saturday, September 24th, residents are encouraged to participate in a mass bicycle ride to the Dallas Green Festival at Fair Park. The ride will be a fun and fitting way to get to a City event that is being planned to celebrate environmentally positive living. Please coordinate with your local bike-friendly group to organize or join a ride to the meet-up at Main Street Garden Park which will take place from 9:30AM to 10:00AM. The mass ride will begin at 10:00 AM, and will do a loop through Downtown and Deep Ellum on its way to a bicycle “corral” (parking area) that will be set up at Fair Park near the Green Festival at Texas Discovery Gardens. As always, helmet use is mandatory for these rides. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Max Kalhammer, Bicycle Coordinator, via e-mail at, or via telephone at (214) 671-8295.

For more information about the Dallas Green Festival, please visit the following internet link:

Map of the proposed route for the Green Festival bicycle ride:,-96.783371&spn=0.043297,0.051498&z=13&output=embed
View Bicycle Ride to 2011 Dallas Green Festival in a larger map

Bicycle to the Dallas Green Festival


The City wants to host its next “critical mass” bicycle ride on Saturday, September 24th from Main Street Garden to Fair Park for the Dallas Green Festival. Are the bike-friendly groups OK with organizing rides that morning to the meetup at Main Street Garden from 9:30-10:00AM? I’ll post an invite about this ride as soon as I get at least a few responses about the bike-friendly rides . . .


Max Kalhammer, Bike Coordinator, City of Dallas


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