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Bike Plan Update

In response to Bicycling Magazine’s ranking of Dallas as one of the three worst cities in the US for biking, here are some Bike Plan early implementation projects that are in the works.  From the Public Information Office of City Hall, the latest bicycle infrastructure projects the City of Dallas is working on to establish strategic bike linkages between trails and key destinations:

  • Dallas currently has 115 miles of off-street trails that are in use today. Through a federal grant the City is implementing 70 trail-road crossings with traffic control and safety treatments that are expected to be completed by the Summer/Fall of 2014.
  • Construction is underway on improvements to Bishop Avenue between Davis and Colorado (linking Bishop Arts to Methodist Hospital) which include bike lanes.
  • Funding has been committed and plans are underway to implement this summer on-street bike facilities from Bishop at Colorado to Young Street at Union Station via the Jefferson Viaduct, effectively linking Bishop Arts to Downtown Dallas.
  • Funding has been committed and plans are underway to implement this summer on-street bike facilities linking the Katy Trail and the Santa Fe Trail through Downtown Dallas.
  • A street striping project was completed recently on MLK Blvd. in Southern Dallas linking to Fair Park.
  • Plans are underway and funding has been identified for an on-street bike facility along the Davis corridor in Oak Cliff between N. Bagley and E. 8th Street at Corinth.
  • Plans are underway to test a bike facility on Fort Worth Avenue for implementation this summer.
  • The City is collaborating with DART to implement several on-street bike facility linkages to transit stations within the downtown area over a one year time frame. The City is also collaborating with Dallas County to implement critical trail linkages in North Dallas.

Update 2011 Dallas Bike Plan Demonstration – Early Implementation Projects

We received an update on several demonstration and early implementation projects from the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan that we’re currently adding to our interactive map.
Click here for the full update

See below for highlights:

  • North Central Route:  A combination of on-street facility types and off-street pathways from Hill Haven/Forest Ln and Boedeker Dr/University Park city limits/ University Park link is currently unfunded but has potential to be apart of an effort with Dallas County with construction starting as early as September 2011
  • Bishop Ave:  A two 5′ wide one-way bike lanes along Bishop Ave in north Oak Cliff from W. Colorado Blvd to W. Neely St is currently under construction and will be completed by March, 2012
  • Dickerson St:  A two 4′ wide one-way bike lanes along Dickerson St in north Dallas along Dickerson St from Frankford Rd to McCallum Rd is slated to start construction by year end and be completed in 2012
  • Brockbank Dr.:  Shared lane markings along Brockbank Dr. from Lombardy Ln. to Valley Meadow, this project started in May 2011 and will be complete by August 2012
  • Sylvan Dr.:  A project apart of a capital improvement program, two 5′ wide one-way bike lanes with 2′ painted buffers were to be included, however an adjacent developer has declined this option for shared lane markings due to parking issues.  This would run from I-30 to Ft. Worth Ave and be apart of extended bike lane infrastructure along Sylvan north and south.

Would you purchase a bound copy of the new 2011 Dallas Bike Plan?

Do you have interest in purchasing an 11″ x 17″ spiral bound copy of the new 2011 Dallas Bike Plan?

You might say “I can easily download the entire plan as a pdf myself”.  Sure you can and you’re encouraged to do that, however if we’re going to make this plan one we can work on to get implemented, then it would be nice to have a copy that you can view in detail and use at your monthly bike friendly group meetings.

We’ve spoken with Max Kalhammer, the city of Dallas’ Bike Coordinator, and he’s willing to explore the idea through the use of an online publisher to help those that are interested in purchasing their own copy, one that he carries around with him everywhere he goes.

If you’re interested, please fill out this form:  (Pricing is unknown at this time)

We have a Bike Plan, now what?

Yes, the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan successfully passed the City Council on May 8, 2011 and we all are very excited about the prospects to which this plan will initiate construction of on-street bike infrastructure across the entire city!  However, we must continue to work hard and ensure this plan is implemented and not shelved.

For this reason, the folks with Bike Friendly Dallas have developed a simple way for any citizen to keep up with and post actual progress happening in their neighborhoods. Go to the Interactive 2011 Dallas Bike Plan Map, made by citizens of Dallas, and see what bike infrastructure is actually being created in real time.

Over the next several years, we will hopefully see the progress that is being made throughout the entire system!

Here are the simple instructions and rules for posting an update:


  1. Navigate to the link above using any browser
  2. To add an update to a specific route on the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan, click Edit
  3. Click and drag to the location on the map where you want to insert an update
  4. Select the Draw a line along roads option
  5. Left click once on the starting point, while moving along the route.
  6. Left click hang to finish at the end point.
  7. Left click on the new object to include a title and description
  8. Include the Street names and new infrastructure in the title
  9. Include information on the timetable and status in the Description field
  10. Hit Save


  1. Use the Draw a line along Roads feature
  2. Only infrastructure from the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan should be included on this map and within the city limits of Dallas, Texas
  3. Use the following color sequence:
    • In development (Unfunded) Orange
    • In development (Funded) Purple
    • Under construction Red
    • Completed Green
  4. *Off street trails are considered apart of the entire velo system and can be included use Blue

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