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DART Bike Lids and Katy Trail Phase III progress

Just lifted this up off the DORBA Commie forum featured in our feed section to the right:

Posted by LVS

Had to stop by the UP permit office at their City Hall Annex on Worcola this afternoon and drove past where they are pouring pavement for Katy Trail Phase III from Worcola to Greenville Avenue alongside the DART Blue Line ROW and the UP Annex building

At the same time, DART was replacing their old bike lockers at Mockingbird Station with these hutch things

The new bike lockers were featured at this past weekends Ross Avenue 72 Hour Challenge and are meant to replace the original bike boxes DART initially installed at several stations throughout it’s light rail network.  Below was swiped from

New Bike Lids To Replace Bike Lockers In Calendar Year 2011

DART has received a federal grant to replace aged and worn bike lockers with a new environmentally friendly state of the art bike lids. Currently, cyclists can try out the new bike lid located at Downtown Plano, Walnut Hill, and Akard stations.

The 142 new bike lids meet homeland security requirements, are homeless and vandal resistant, and do not overheat and melt plastic bike components.

Use of the new bike lids will be on a first come, first served bases. Cyclists will be required to provide their own padlock used to secure the bike lid. DART may add additional bike lids at a later date where demand exceeds supply. Please keep in-mind that overnight bicycle storage and/or locking of unused lids will not be allowed.

DART is in the process of removing damaged bike lockers now. All bicycles stored in damaged lockers that are removed will be logged into DART’s lost-and-found. At a future date DART will notify cyclists that all bicycles stored in undamaged lockers will need to be removed in preparation for this project.

Because of these changes,
For further information about DART’s existing bike lockers or new bike lids, please contact John Quinn, Project Manager, at 214-749-2845.

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