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Bishop Ave Spotter

Here are some pics from a Bike Friendly Dallas spotter of the work being done on Bishop Ave from Colorado Blvd to Neely St.  Work started June 13th and will be complete March, 2012.  There will be 5′ one-way bike lanes with buffers between the lanes and parallel parking:  If you’re interested in being a spotter, please read here

Bishop Ave is down to one lane, both ways

Bishop at Canty

Looking for website contributors and spotters

Bike Friendly Dallas is looking for anyone interested in being a contributor on this website and/or a spotter for bicycle infrastructure construction in your neighborhoods.  We are particularly interested in the following:

  • Spotters:  Individuals interested in supplying the latest, on the ground information from their streets, blocks, and neighborhoods with regard to active construction of new bicycle infrastructure.  Would need to provide video or photo of the activity.
  • Contributors:  Individuals interested in writing blog posts about events, news, and editorials about, but not limited to Street updates, Trail updates, Events, and bicycle culture in Dallas.  Would need a account

If you’re interested, please fill out the following form:

One vote shy of failure

Last night the city of Arlington narrowly averted a consistent failure to become a multi-modal city of the 21st century.  The Arlington City Council narrowly passed a bike master plan that calls for building a 125-mile network of on-street and off-street bike facilities as well as 149 miles of sidewalks to help residents get from neighborhoods to city parks, schools and other destinations.

5-4 was the final tally from council members in this city that has historically pushed back from any kind of multi-modal transportation that wasn’t fully auto-centric.  One of the dissenting votes came from Councilmember Leblanc.  He said, “The city of the future is not the city that puts bike paths in,” LeBlanc said. “It’s the city … that has a very low tax rate and a very low debt ratio. The city of the future is the city you can move to and not be robbed by taxes.”

How is it that a city of over 365,000 people, is the 50th largest city in the United States of America, and holds the dismal distinction of being the largest city in the country without an intra-city mass transit system, doesn’t seem to see the writing on the wall?  Over the past several years, this country and it’s citizens have been calling for more alternative transportation infrastructure, and yet almost half of this cities council members, plus the mayor voted against a bike plan.
What makes Dallas different from Arlington?  We’re practically neighbors, no offense Grand Prairie.  We share similar geography, water sources, a river, and roadways, yet our council voted 14-0 on a bike plan and not one council member thought bike infrastructure wasn’t a feature that a city of the future didn’t need!  We even root for the same professional teams, and love to visit each others entertainment venues!
Is this a strictly a political ideological difference or simply about money?  Let us know what you think…

Congratulations to all of the hard working council members and citizens of Arlington who fought to get this plan passed.  It is people like you that make a city of the future, and have kept Arlington from continuing along the path of an auto-centric attitude.  We can’t wait until you can visit us along that spanking new bicycle lanes, as we can’t wait to do the same!

DART Bike Lids and Katy Trail Phase III progress

Just lifted this up off the DORBA Commie forum featured in our feed section to the right:

Posted by LVS

Had to stop by the UP permit office at their City Hall Annex on Worcola this afternoon and drove past where they are pouring pavement for Katy Trail Phase III from Worcola to Greenville Avenue alongside the DART Blue Line ROW and the UP Annex building

At the same time, DART was replacing their old bike lockers at Mockingbird Station with these hutch things

The new bike lockers were featured at this past weekends Ross Avenue 72 Hour Challenge and are meant to replace the original bike boxes DART initially installed at several stations throughout it’s light rail network.  Below was swiped from

New Bike Lids To Replace Bike Lockers In Calendar Year 2011

DART has received a federal grant to replace aged and worn bike lockers with a new environmentally friendly state of the art bike lids. Currently, cyclists can try out the new bike lid located at Downtown Plano, Walnut Hill, and Akard stations.

The 142 new bike lids meet homeland security requirements, are homeless and vandal resistant, and do not overheat and melt plastic bike components.

Use of the new bike lids will be on a first come, first served bases. Cyclists will be required to provide their own padlock used to secure the bike lid. DART may add additional bike lids at a later date where demand exceeds supply. Please keep in-mind that overnight bicycle storage and/or locking of unused lids will not be allowed.

DART is in the process of removing damaged bike lockers now. All bicycles stored in damaged lockers that are removed will be logged into DART’s lost-and-found. At a future date DART will notify cyclists that all bicycles stored in undamaged lockers will need to be removed in preparation for this project.

Because of these changes,
For further information about DART’s existing bike lockers or new bike lids, please contact John Quinn, Project Manager, at 214-749-2845.

BFOC wins grant to help host Dallas’ first Ciclovia

Jason Roberts reports that BFOC just won a $5K grant from Bikes Belong to help the city of Dallas pull off its first Ciclovia (car free street celebration)!!! Here’s an example of one in San Jose:

Route Map for Dallas Cycle Sunday – June 26, 2011

Please use the “zoom out” tool on the map below to see the route map outlined in purple for our inaugural Cycle Sunday ride through Downtown, Deep Ellum, and Baylor. The ride will end at the Ross Ave. Complete Streets Initiative Kickoff/Better Block.

Total Distance: 4 miles

The afternoon ride from the Ross Avenue to the White Rock Lake Centennial Celebration will use Ross Ave., N. Washington Ave., Worth St., N. Hill Ave., and the “Santa Fe” Trail (East Dallas Veloway).

Update 2011 Dallas Bike Plan Demonstration – Early Implementation Projects

We received an update on several demonstration and early implementation projects from the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan that we’re currently adding to our interactive map.
Click here for the full update

See below for highlights:

  • North Central Route:  A combination of on-street facility types and off-street pathways from Hill Haven/Forest Ln and Boedeker Dr/University Park city limits/ University Park link is currently unfunded but has potential to be apart of an effort with Dallas County with construction starting as early as September 2011
  • Bishop Ave:  A two 5′ wide one-way bike lanes along Bishop Ave in north Oak Cliff from W. Colorado Blvd to W. Neely St is currently under construction and will be completed by March, 2012
  • Dickerson St:  A two 4′ wide one-way bike lanes along Dickerson St in north Dallas along Dickerson St from Frankford Rd to McCallum Rd is slated to start construction by year end and be completed in 2012
  • Brockbank Dr.:  Shared lane markings along Brockbank Dr. from Lombardy Ln. to Valley Meadow, this project started in May 2011 and will be complete by August 2012
  • Sylvan Dr.:  A project apart of a capital improvement program, two 5′ wide one-way bike lanes with 2′ painted buffers were to be included, however an adjacent developer has declined this option for shared lane markings due to parking issues.  This would run from I-30 to Ft. Worth Ave and be apart of extended bike lane infrastructure along Sylvan north and south.

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